International Projects include:

  • 2014-16: Writer + presenter of videos on education/training and international development via TV and online: Baggaley Communications Inc. (Canada)

  • 2011-13: Educational TV advisor: World Wide Education, WWEDU (Austria)

  • 2003-2010: Adviser, development of network for distance education technology research in South and South-East Asia: PAN Asia Network, International Development Research Centre (IDRC), and ASEAN Foundation (Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam)

  • 2003: Producer and presenter, international webcast linking IDRC international development workers (Laos)

  • 2002: Researcher, collaborative project to develop online educational conferencing methods (Norway, Sweden)

  • 1998-2000: Researcher, development of an international research agenda in distance education (Canada, Japan)

  • 1998: Evaluator, summative evaluation of 5-year Asian Development Bank media support plan (Open University, Bangladesh)

  • 1995-96: Researcher, development and evaluation of the national AIDS prevention campaign, President of Ukraine's National Anti-AIDS Committee + advisory sessions at the Duma, Moscow; and St. Petersburg (Ukraine, Russia)

  • 1993: Evaluator, Radio agriculture series for farming communities, IDRC (Kenya)

  • 1992-93: Evaluator, AIDS prevention campaign for street-kids, Street Kids International (Dominican Republic)

  • 1989-95: Evaluator, Televised national AIDS education and prevention campaign, Centers for Disease Control (USA, Atlanta and Chicago)

  • 1985-89: Evaluator, Children's broadcast television, SABC-TV, and TV dental education, MEDUNSA (South Africa)

  • 1984: Evaluator, Televised smoking prevention campaign, University of S. California + KABC-TV (USA, Los Angeles)

  • 1981-84: Evaluator, Print and video productions for national cancer education campaigns, Canadian Cancer Society (Canada)

  • 1980-92: Researcher + commentator, quadrennial analyses of TV viewers’ reactions to federal election debates KABC-TV, CBC-Radio/TV, and CTV (Canada and US)

  • 1977-78: Researcher + evaluator, BBC-TV series on literacy and volunteering (UK)

  • [+ other projects and teaching/ advisory services to governmental/ broadcasting/ academic organizations (Canada and the US, Africa, Asia-Pacific and Europe): see web site Writing and Speaking sections]

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