Prof. Horace
Welcome to Hinterlife!

3-dimensional virtual worlds have enjoyed tremendous growth: Active Worlds, Metaverse, Second Life - and now Hinterlife. Created in 2009 by brilliant cartoon genius Professor Horace, Hinterlife is similar to other virtual worlds, with one major difference. In Prof. Horace's words: "They have millions of subscribers, but Hinterlife has only one. Me."

Being alone in his virtual world allows Professor Horace the space to reflect on his social and cultural mission. He places particular emphasis on the use of Hinterlife in online education ('e-learning'). In its videos and photos, this web site provides glimpses into the thinking of this maverick individual, and into the often radical ways in which he exercises his vision. As Prof. Horace puts it: "I can do anything I want behind this cartoon persona."

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